Our Story

C-Tech was incorporated in 1985, beginning with the production of “O” rings for the Australian building industry. Today, C-Tech’s principal products are rubber picking fingers for defeathering poultry processing. Through persistent research and continuous development, our remarkable formula produces among the best picking fingers- if not the best- in terms of longevity and durability. Our picking fingers outperform competitors by an amazing margin!

We manufacture a wide range of competitively priced rubber products used exclusively by the poultry processing industry in a variety of applications. C-Tech’s authorised distributors and customers are located in Asia, Australasia, Europe and America.

Today,  C-Tech’s high quality rubber products are used by some of the largest poultry equipment manufacturers in the poultry processing industry and consequently, by some of the world’s top poultry processors.

Our Promise


C-Tech performance is consistently proven by the most popular defeathering machines the world over: with remarkable reduction in picking finger breakage, premature wear, and ‘ageing’.


Our Superior Rubber Plucking Fingers mean that Poultry Processing Managers spend less time dealing with replacing fingers and this time savings can be beneficially utilized in other areas of the plant.


C-Tech is competitively priced, and in combination with its renowned performance, will further reduce your overall production costs without compromising efficiency and yield quality.


Our quality is the result of manufacturing to rigidly high standards of production control, using technically specified rubber. 

Our plant is strategically and proudly located in Malaysia, a country long recognised as an international leader in rubber technology and production.