Revolutionizing Picking Efficiency

The new patented plucking finger pad system optimizes your processing time, cuts costs, and drastically enhances safety.

The Industry Game Changer

Up to


cost efficiency*

Featherfox’s design and durable materials yield substantial cost savings compared to traditional finger systems.

Up to


reduction of labour & costs*

Swift installation of plucking fingers in seconds reduces workforce needs, cutting labour costs and overall production expenses.


work safety*

Eliminate the need for cuts, knives, or pulling, reducing repetitive motion disorders and significantly minimizing injuries in your picking line.


Information provided is based on actual field results

Boosting Efficiency & Maximize Cost Savings

FeatherFox pickers reduce operational downtime, and streamline finger removal and installation, resulting in labour cost savings and enhanced productivity.

Improve Plucking Performance & Reducing Maintenance Costs

Feather Fox torsional vibration damping technology minimizes stress on shaft rotation, prolonging bearing lifespan and reducing maintenance costs.

Why Choose Feather Fox?

Traditional Fingers

Finger replacement speed/ shaft

1.30 – 2 minutes 

less than 50 seconds*

Labour cost

full capacity

up to 75% reduction*

Finger durability

up to 18% cost saving*

Waste and contamination

up to 40% reduction*

Employee safety concerns


Drastically improved

About C-Tech Rubber

We manufacture a wide range of competitively priced rubber products used exclusively by the poultry processing industry in a variety of applications. C-Tech’s authorised distributors and customers are located in Asia, Australasia, Europe and America.

What a client say about us:

Alenjandro Salgado
Gerente De Plantas, Honduras

C-Tech Rubber fingers was notably smoother compared to the other brands..

The installation of C-Tech Rubber fingers was notably smoother compared to the other brand, with no installation challenges. During the processing of 792,714 birds, only 6 fingers needed replacement, resulting in an efficiency indicator of 0.0075 fingers per thousand birds. In summary, our findings reveal that C-Tech Rubber fingers outperform the other brand by a factor of 54 (0.406/0.0075) in terms of efficiency for every thousand birds processed under our management and equipment operation.

Game-Changing Solution!

FeatherFox revolutionizes picking operations with its patented design, backed by Wm Goodyear Company’s expertise and top-quality rubber from C-Tech, ensuring optimal performance. Now available internationally.

Worldwide distribution available. Contact us at

For North American distribution, contact William Goodyear