Feather Fox

FeatherFox pickers help to drastically cut time and effort needed to remove and install your individual picking fingers. 


A high performing, versatile round finger designed to fit most picking machines.

Flat, strong finger with double-sided ribbing, long-lasting, highly efficient, for difficult jobs such as turkeys and ducks.



Specially designed round finger with excellent picking performance.

A specially designed round finger with delicate spirals, excellent flexibility and picking.

A long-lasting, durable oval finger that allows gentle contact and excellent picking performance without barking.

Specially designed by C-Tech, this unique oval finger is longer in length and with stepped ribbing which allows for excellent picking.

Being a hollow finger, CT600’s flexibility provides superbly gentle contact eliminating barking and providing excellent picking quality and durability.

A specially designed round finger with delicate spirals, excellent flexibility and picking.

CT 103

For broilers, the soft version of the CT103 is recommended. Flexibility make this finger suitable for bench or pedestal mounted drum pluckers.

Malek is a special round finger with excellent picking performance and durability.   Designed for rotary drum picker.

CT630 is a strong, flat shaped finger that is durable and provides excellent picking results.

Designed for picking turkeys and other difficult conditions. The Izzie is a strong, round finger with thick ribs.

A round finger with strong grip in the disc. Designed for use in the lid of any paw picker

Special design finger to fit in a Berry paw picking machine.

A solid round finger with excellent grip at the disc makes it ideal for difficult turkey picking.

cT 620

Unique design for more aggressive paw picking. Highly suitable for difficult jobs. Delivers excellent picking performance.


Anna is a semi-round, long finger designed with ribs on one side only.  Fits straddle pickers by Barker, Gordon-Johnson and Linco.


A versatile finger with a round solid construction for turkey pickers.


Long, flat and with ribbing on both sides. Used for turkey, bigger birds, and finisher plucker.


Long, flat finger with ribbing on one side.


A solid round long finger, that is designed to be versatile. Used for Live Bird Gathering machines.

Deboning Disk

Designed especially for Systemate de-boning systems. De-boning disks are manufactured to nominal hardness factor of 65 (hard).

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